Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need Facebook to do a challenge or to purchase a program?

To be very honest with you, the answer would be yes, you really do need Facebook to do the challenge. It is all done on Facebook. Every day of the 14-Day Challenge, we come live with educational information, teaching, etc. 

We have several "high profile" people who want to remain anonymous; therefore, they have created fake/pseudonym Facebook accounts (judges, lawyers, politicians, etc). That has seemed to work for them. Something you might want to consider.

We don't know your personal reasons for not wanting to be on Facebook, but we can you that we closely monitor the pages and we do not allow drama. It is a positive and very encouraging group. You will really enjoy the pages and will gain tons of encouragement from being a part of the community.

I just signed up for the challenge and paid. I haven’t received my welcome email. Help?

Be sure to check your junk mail and all of your spam folders. We find that oftentimes our emails fall into these folders. Also, you will want to search using the word “Jeb” and the word “support”. Wait a few hours and check spam/junk folders again. Whitelist This Email Address ([email protected]). That way our emails always come to your inbox instead of spam/junk (or the Promotions or Updates tabs if you’re using Gmail).

What should I do if I have a question?

1.) Search the FAQ’s
2.) Search the Challenge Facebook page using the search function.
3.) If you still can’t find it, post as a question to the page.
4.) If NO ONE on the page knows, please feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected]